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MODX is a free open source content management system. I use MODX because I think it is the best CMS for building websites. It gives you creative freedom but also allows you to build powerful secure web applications.

These articles are to help and remind me how to do certain things, and I hope other MODX users will also find them useful too.

My cheat sheets and reminders for working with MODX

How To Set Up A Forum Using MODX - Video Tutorial

This video tutorial show you how to set up the Discuss forum plugin for MODX

How To Create A Blog Using MODX In MODX Cloud - Video Tutorial

A video tutorial that shows you how to set up a blog with the content management system MODX on MODX's own hosting system MODX Cloud.

Find The Speed Of Every Page In Your Website

How fast is your MODX site? If you have a Linux box you can find out how fast all the individual pages load on your website (time to first byte) with the added bonus of regenerating the cache for each page.

How To Count Instances Of A Particular Word In A Website

If you want to find the number of occurrences of a word in a website here's one way to do it on a Linux computer

Useful Command Line Tools For Linux Users To Help Find How Fast Their Website Loads

A few useful command line tools to help you find how quickly your websites loads ( and it's Time To First Byte TTFB)

How To Add Previous And Next Buttons To Individual Posts In MODX's Articles

Just want 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons on your individual blog posts and having trouble trying to work out how to do this with getPage and getResources? Well this post might help. I do it by writing a snippet from the ground up.

MIGX: Setting Up A FAQ Page

If you need to set up a FAQ or testimonial page in MODX you can use MIGX. These are step by step instructions on how to go about it. ( There are also plugins you can use but doing this will help you learn MIGX which is a very useful tool)


Sometimes you just need to be reminded about the basics

MODX Security: Access Control Lists

MODX Revolution has very powerful security features. They can appear fiendishly complicated on first inspection, and it does take some time to get aquainted with them. This article gives a step by step guide to setting up a client user who can edit a limitted number of documents in the MODX manager.​​​​

MODX: How to get the first image from a blog post for the Open Graph Protocol HTML head tags

You could use a MODX template variable to associate an image with the Open Graph Protocol meta image tag. But that is an extra field to fill in for the user. It cuts down the work if you could automatically grab the first image that is used in the article. This article shows how.

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