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MODX is a free open source content management system. I use MODX because I think it is the best CMS for building websites. It gives you creative freedom but also allows you to build powerful secure web applications.

These articles are to help and remind me how to do certain things, and I hope other MODX users will also find them useful too.

My cheat sheets and reminders for working with MODX

How to make a MODX extra using MyComponent Part 2

Having worked through the Developing an Extra in MODX Revolution tutorials twice and having a look at Bob Ray's MyComponents, what next?

How to make a MODX extra using MyComponent Part 1

If you want some customized behaviour on your MODX website a good way to achieve this is by developing an extra. That way if you want to use the same functionality again it's as simple as installing a package.

Sign In With Twitter For MODX

This article describes in detail how to use the authentication library written by Abraham Williams to sign into a MODX website and create a MODX user based on the Twitter user screen name, and place that user in an appropriate group.

Authentication Using Twitter

Having to repeatedly create accounts to use the features of a website or web application can become a real chore, why not allow login using accounts you have already signed up to. Here we look at how you can do this with Twitter using a PHP library.

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