Leeds Mountaineering Club Website

Leeds Mountaineering Club needed a website design to attract new members, be a means of communication, and be an administrative tool to help the running of the club. Onsitenow designed, delivered and support the website. The website design needed to be simple, straight forward and easy to use as the mountaineers of Leeds are quite simple and can get confused easily.

A snapshot of Leeds Mountaineering Club's home page


The feature list for the website was extensive and included the following:

  • The website will provide information about Leeds Mountaineering Club, such as the club’s activities, membership, how to get involved etc.
  • A bulletin board will be available to members, with public and private forums
  • A photograph gallery available to record and promote the club’s activities
  • A database driven on-line meets calendar
  • A facility to join and pay membership fees on-line
  • A secure on-line login for committee members
  • Committee members will be able to send email ‘newsfeeds’ to all subscribed members
  • The Treasurer and Membership Secretaries will be able to manage membership details from a central database
  • Address labels can be generated for mass mailings
  • Contact lists can be generated for members
  • Members lists can be generated in a format acceptable by The BMC
  • An automated system will be available to chase members owing subs
  • The meets calendar will be update-able by the meets secretary on-line
  • The meets calendar can be exported in the iCalendar format


" I love the design and systems you’ve put in place, they are going to make the administration of the club so much easier, you’ve done a great job for the club. Thanks Allie."

(former) Membership Secretary
Leeds Mountaineering Club
Leeds, West Yorkshire

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