When You Blog You Discover What You Know !

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44th day of the epic 100 posts in 100 days challenge

A web developer's daily musings

When you are forced to write every day, you write about what you do and it makes you realise what skills you have.

You might think that that is obvious: what you can do, but it's not. Because you do it every day, or a lot, it's like second nature, so you don't notice it.

You may have built up those skills over years - and the writing about them can give you an appreciation of them.

Sometimes we think lots of people can do what we can do just as well, but they can't.

Sometimes you just don't realise what talents you do have!

And don't appreciate your own skills.

If you blog about what you do it can re-engage you with those skills, and give you a better appreciation of them.

Web dev worksheet?

What kept my out of trouble today:

5 hours 57 minutes Personal project: more jQuery and javascript shenanigans
32 minutes Email and social media
29 minutes Checking rankings
27 minutes Research into link profiles, hmm I should be spending my time promoting long good quality blog posts not writing short ones that hardly anyone is going to read! C'est la vie, I've started now I can't stop!

Total: 7 hours 27 minutes

It's nice to be able to work on your own stuff sometimes.

Exercise: 45 minute session doing press ups, dips, curls and sit-ups..

Tomorrow: Bike ride if it's sunny....

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Mike Nuttall

Author: Mike Nuttall

Mike has been web designing, programming and building web applications in Leeds for many years. He founded Onsitenow in 2009 and has been helping clients turn business ideas into on-line reality ever since. Mike can be followed on Twitter and has a profile on Google+.