Blogging: 6 Reasons It's Worth Doing Even If You Have No Readers!

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45th day of the epic 100 posts in 100 days challenge

It's worth blogging even if you have no readers

If you have no readers do it for yourself.

  1. You will learn things about yourself.
  2. You will learn things about your subject area.
  3. You will learn things about your thought processes.
  4. You will have a record of your ideas.
  5. You will be able to reflect on your defeats, successes, goals and challenges.
  6. You will create resources.

So don't worry, don't be thinking who am I to be writing a blog and who's going to read it anyway?

You are you and you are doing it for yourself, and if anyone else gets something from it, good for them.

And if anyone doesn't like it, they don't need to read it. And anyway why should they care? Why are they expressing a negative opinion to you? Does it say more about them, than it does you? I think so.

And if anyone challenges you for writing it, stuff 'em.

Keeping busy doing what.... ?

Doing this:

14 hours 19 minutes Yes you read that right 14 hours! Dedicated to trying to defend against hackers....
24 minutes This website: checking rankings
9 minutes Research, reading blog posts before the s**t hit the fan
8 minutes Email and social media

Total: 15 hours 10 minutes

I always keep up with the latest upgrades and patches for my software but if the vendors are slow discovering vulnerabilities you are put at a disadvantage. That's what happened today on one of my sites with the consequence of me having to spend many hours trying to patch the holes and assess any damage...

Exercise: Didn't get out on my hoped for bike ride, maybe tomorrow. But I did do another 45 minute session of press-ups, dips, curls and situps.

Tomorrow: More hacker related damage control.

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Mike Nuttall

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