Blogs: There Are Different Types

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43th day of the epic 100 posts in 100 days challenge

A web developer's daily musings

There are different types of blogs.

Long ones and short ones.

Ones with epic amounts of useful information.

Ones with pithy content.

I'm going with the short and pithy so I can have a hope in hell's chance of finishing this challenge.

Web development today

Todays trials and tribulations:

6 hours 43 minutes Client sites: lots of new functionality for back end management, lots of jQuery and javascript, some frustrations, but lots of progress
1 hour 43 minutes This website: checking rankings, writing blog pots, checking stuff in webmaster tools
51 minutes Admin: email and social media
3 minutes Thinking about my networking group: The Entrepreneurs Mutual Support Network, 3 minutes, that's not long.

Total: 9 hours 21 minutes

Plenty of progress made, and a big jump in my rankings due to me reinstating some links to my site that I had originally 'no-followed'

Exercise: 1 hour of yoga.

Tomorrow: Work on one of my own projects.

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Mike Nuttall

Author: Mike Nuttall

Mike has been web designing, programming and building web applications in Leeds for many years. He founded Onsitenow in 2009 and has been helping clients turn business ideas into on-line reality ever since. Mike can be followed on Twitter and has a profile on Google+.