A Web Developer's Day Off - Part 1

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Cycling in The Yorkshire Dales

30th day of the epic 100 posts in 100 days challenge

One of the great things about working in Leeds is that you have some amazing countryside right on your doorstep.

One of my favourite things to do on a day off is go out cycling in the Yorkshire Dales.

Today I did one of my favourite routes. I start from Otley ride north towards Blubberhouses then up past Thruscross Reservoir and The Washburn turn left at Greenhow down past Stump Cross Caverns then down towards Barden, past Bolton Abbey then back along the back road past Addingham to Ilkley and then back to Otley. It's about 40 miles, quite hilly and a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

Here are a few photos I took on my latest trip, there's a lot so I'm going to spread them over a few post.

(And they are all square! Which seems wrong, I didn't realise my camera was set to square, I've unset it for next time)

Cycling out of Otley

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

I usually drive from Leeds to Otley to avoid the busy A660, park in Otley centre and head out from there.

I go up Carr Bank, It's a good start as it's a nice big hill to get warmed up on! (And it's fine when you are fresh) And you get a nice view from the top when you have stopped puffing and panting.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

Pretty soon along Newell Carr Road you leave West Yorkshire and arrive in North Yorkshire.

The views are wonderful, the air is fresh and there are hardly any cars around on these quiet back roads.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

You continue along Newell Carr Road. It is actually good stopping to take photographs because quite often I'm enjoying trying to push myself to beat my previous time on this route, this was a bit more of a leisurely trip.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

Newell Carr Road turns into Weston Moor Rd. Sheep.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

And Weston Moor Rd turns into Askwith Moor Road. The open road ahead.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

With a view of Menwith Hill in the distance.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

A rustic gate.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

Yes, miles of open road, and no cars! Lovely.

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

So why are you still here? Didn't anyone tell you the Cold War finished 20 years ago? Or, are you here to monitor our phone calls?

View from the top of Carr Bank, Otley

The road, now Rues Lane, above Blubberhouses, stretches out ahead... more photos tomorrow.

What has this web developer been up to today?

My time sheet:

2 hours 28 minutes This website: changed all the external links that are being redirected to their new url's; writing journal, checking rankings
2 hours 26 minutes Research: MODX caching
10 minutes Email

Total: 5 hours 6 Minutes

A lovely day out, see above.

Exercise: 40 mile bike ride in the Yorkshire Dales, see above.

Tomorrow: Batch write a ton of micro blog posts so I can get on top of this accursed challenge..

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