A Web Developer's Day Off - Part 2

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Cycling in The Yorkshire Dales

31st day of the epic 100 posts in 100 days challenge

The second instalment of the photos of my cycling trip at the weekend. Actually I am quite liking the square format.

I did take a lot of photos, which helped me get round the route in one piece I think! It was my first trip out for quite a while so I wasn't very cycle fit, but I think my general level of fitness is OK as I do some form of exercise every day and have been doing quite a lot of running recently. But stopping about 20 or 30 times to take snaps gave me lots of little rests and I didn't feel as beaten up at the end as I usually do ( though I was feeling pretty tired towards the end)

Blubberhouses and beyond

Down Shepherd Hill above Blubberhouses

Coming down Shepherd Hill towards Blubberhouses

Blubberhouses Yorkshire Dales

Blubberhouses, that's a funny name for a place. It sounds like it should be a whaling station, but it's not in Arctic waters, or even, actually anywhere near the coast or waterway.

Where does the name come from?

Wikipedia tells us:

Several suggestions have been made for the origins of the name Blubberhouses:-
From the blueberry: Ely Hargrove's History of Knaresborough.
From the Blue Boar, a former inn.
Early spellings include "Bluburgh", "Bluborrow", "Bluburhouse", (1172) "Bluberhusum". These may come from:-
Anglo-Saxon burh = "fort".
From "Blueberg" = "blue mountain".
Anglo-Saxon bluberhūs = "the house(s) which is/are at the bubbling stream", with a later regularised plural; the -um form came from the Anglo-Saxon dative plural case æt bluberhūsum = "at the houses which ...".

St Andrews a gritstone church Blubberhouses

St Andrew's village church at Blubberhouses.

A barn conversion, Hall Lane, coming out of Blubberhouses

Out of Blubberhouses, crossing the A59, and then up Hall Lane.

A nice barn conversion?

View across The Washburn Valley

Past Thruscross Reservoir and up the Washburn Valley

Nature at the side of the road


Free range eggs, Yorkshire Dales

There's no shortage of free range eggs on this route.

An isolated farm house Yorkshire Dales

And there's lots of very scenic farm houses too.

Discusting building Whit Moor Road, North Yorkshire

And some absolute monstrosities! Who designed this! What were you thinking?

Were you thinking:' I will totally disregard the surroundings. I will have no sensitivity to the environment. I am an architect, a designer, a genius, I will stand out from the crowd'?

I imagine it was one of the people who built all those revolting building in the 1960's. Shame on you.

It's some sort of outdoor pursuits centre.

Gritstone barn Yorkshire Dales

Contrast that with the simple beauty of an old barn.

More photos to come tomorrow.

What has this web coder coded today?


10 hours 52 minutes This website: batch processing of journal output, wrote lots of micro blogs; updating images on previous posts
46 minutes Hootsuite and it's divergances
minutes Email

Total: 11 hours 48 minutes

Srorming day, wrote 18, yes eighteen micro blog posts!

Exercise: 11 km run, good effort after cycling yesterday.

Tomorrow: New functionality on a clients site. My pet project.

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