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41th day of the epic 100 posts in 100 days challenge

Daily musings of a web developer

Oh dear this must be my shortes post ever...

While writing a blog post, you will often get ideas for other posts.

So keep a notebook handy, or Evernote open.

And keep notebooks around the house too, because you can have an idea at any time and the best time to write it down is when you have it.

If you wait you will forget it.

What did I do today?

Not as much as usual:

3 hours 36 minutes This website: Adding followed links to a single page (to this site) on my client's sites, checking rankings, updating blog
1 hour 28 minutes Research: reading up about SEO on and other sites
25 minutes Checking security on client sites
13 minutes Email

Total: 5 hours 44 minutes

Vey short day due to having lunch with my mum at The Fountain Inn in Linton

Exercise: None :-(

Tomorrow: Updates to client sites.

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Mike Nuttall

Author: Mike Nuttall

Mike has been web designing, programming and building web applications in Leeds for many years. He founded Onsitenow in 2009 and has been helping clients turn business ideas into on-line reality ever since. Mike can be followed on Twitter and has a profile on Google+.

  1. Amy

    Jun 12, 2014 at 11:09 PM

    A simple tip, but very true!
    Capture those gems!
    And don't be sad re the exercise; you were flexing your relationship muscles instead. Always nice to spend time with your Mum! :-)

  2. Mike Nuttall

    Mike Nuttall
    Jun 13, 2014 at 10:53 AM

    Yes, I have notebooks (with pencils) dotted all around the house now and I do use them all whenever I have an idea.

    And I always have Evernote open whenever I'm sat at my computer.

    You also need a way of dealing with the notes, but that's the subject of another post... better just make a note of that...