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Welcome to the Onsitenow blog page. We hope you will find some useful articles here. There is a mix of content divided into different categories, from web design, to programming, to advice for businesses and scams to avoid.


Rippln: Is It A Scam?

Sometimes new technologies come along that change the way we do business. Is Rippln one of these? Or is it a clever pyramid style scheme that is trying to rip-off the gullible?

Social Media Cheats

Channel 4's Dispatches programme expose how Twitter and Facebook likes and followers are being manipulated by unscrupulous social media companies.

Design Thinking

Design isn't just about designing objects. Systems can be designed too. And a new discipline Design Thinking is having an influence on how businesses are designed. In this article we look at what the ideas are behind Design Thinking and some of the companies that have used these concepts.

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