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5 Online Tools & Tips To Help Your Productivity

Whatever business we run it's inevitable that we will be spending some time on-line to promote or work on that business in one way or another. So it pays if we work efficiently and productively. This article talks about some of my favourite tools for achieving a good on-line work flow.

How To Set Up Dual Monitors

So you are convinced that you need more screen space for when you are at work on your computer. You want to look at websites and have applications open and be able to see them both. But how do you set it up? This article tells you how.

Gmail: 4 of My Favourite Features

Google gives away so much useful stuff that sometimes I just take it for granted. Well in this article I'm saying that I think Gmail is cool! I've used it for years and it has never let me down; the emails I receive always seem to come through really quickly and it has lots of features that I find incredibly helpful. ​​I have lots of different email addresses associated with the different websites I build and am involved in. I administer them all from Gmail, it's easy enough to set up and this article tells you how. I also describe three features that I like using that aren't set by default, and I tell you how to enable them.​

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the techniques used to help get your website higher in the results pages of the search engines. So how is it done? This article gives a quick overview.

Why does my business need a website?

If you are wondering if your business needs a website - here are some reasons why you do.

Organic Search vs. AdWords

What are the 'Sponsored Links' you see in search engine results pages? This article tells you the difference between AdWords and 'Organic' search results.

Images in Responsive Design vs. Google SEO image guidelines

In responsive design we want images to scale to the size of the device but for SEO purposes we want to follow Google's guidelines by giving images height and width attributes. This causes images to distort when the browser is resized. Here's the solution.

Rippln: Is It A Scam?

Sometimes new technologies come along that change the way we do business. Is Rippln one of these? Or is it a clever pyramid style scheme that is trying to rip-off the gullible?

Social Media Cheats

Channel 4's Dispatches programme expose how Twitter and Facebook likes and followers are being manipulated by unscrupulous social media companies.

Design Thinking

Design isn't just about designing objects. Systems can be designed too. And a new discipline Design Thinking is having an influence on how businesses are designed. In this article we look at what the ideas are behind Design Thinking and some of the companies that have used these concepts.

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