Registering your website with search engines

When a website first goes live the search engines don't know about it, they need to be informed, we make sure they know by registering it appropriately.

You will also need to choose which domain you prefer, for example, or The reason for this is that both these versions of your website could be visible to search engines, they would see two sites and they would be identical, and duplicate content will count against the site in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation). To avoid this we set the preferred domain in the search engines settings and put some code on the server that will make sure that only one site is visible.

If your target audience is restricted to a particular area your website will also need to have a geographical target associated with it so that the search engines know at which country your web pages are aimed. This is especially important if you have a .biz or .com domain name as these are considered global domains.

We offer free domain name registration when you sign up with us.