Support and Training

All the websites we build can be managed by you using a content management system. The system we prefer is very intuitive and easy to use, if you are accustomed to using a word processor and organising files and folders on your computer you shouldn't have any problems managing your web pages. We won't take that for granted though, we will be there to explain how everything works and give help and guidance if you have any problems.

We will come to you and show you how everything works on your computer in your work environment. If necessary we will make custome changes to the system to suit your working practices.

If you come up against any problems we are just a local phone call away.

Free email

You will have a new domain name so you will probably want emails associated with the domain name like, for example, [email protected] or [email protected]. We will set up 5 for you free of charge.

The usual way we set up emails is to forward them to the current account you use and are familiar with. Whether that be Google or Hotmail/Outlook or Yahoo or some other web based email system. All these systems have a "send as" feature so you can send an email from [email protected] while still using your regular account. So no having to learn a new system.

Automatic Google sitemap generation

The search engines regularly "crawl" all the websites in the world; that means that they look at them on a regular basis, it helps them if you provide a map of your site in the form of an XML file, it helps them know what's on your site and thus helps them list your site in web searches. You don't have to worry about this because we make sure that this file is generated automatically so that every time a new web page is created or altered this is registered in the sitemap.xml document.

Social media links

If you participate in social media we will provide the appropriate buttons to link to your accounts, and make these available throughout the site.

Sitewide search

If you have a website that has a lot of content we can provide a search box that will search the whole site.

Unique favicon (the little image that appears in browser tabs)

A favicon is the small symbol that appears in the address bar and tabs where your website is listed in browsers. It gives users a visual clue where to click to get back to your web pages.

Google Analytics

Google can provide data that can help you understand how your website is being used.

Google analytics provide you with your web data
Web statistics from Google Analytics