Resorting To Talking About The Weather

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Day 9 of the 100 blogs in 100 days challenge

Hmm, I may be running out of things to say!

Rain is good

It's been raining on and off all day today.

I like the rain.

When I'm warm indoors and don't have to go out.

When I have work to do.

And don't feel like I'm missing out on the sunshine.

I like to open the window and listen to it falling.

Could be a poem! And I got confirmation from this from a real poet!:

( Amy (Ms Moem) ‏@IWantAPoem @OnSiteNow Very poetic and again very precise! Great job! :-) #100blogs

Rain is good, it makes the landscape green. I don't think we appreciate our rain sometimes. We have an abundant resource here in the UK and we take it for granted. Lack of water in other countries causes serious conflicts.

So stop complaining about the rain!

Website development daily time-sheet

What have I accomplished today?

5 hours 23 minutes Creating whizzy dynamic forms for collecting orders for a client
1 hours 25 minutes Blog writing and promotion
47 minutes Hootsuite, networking forums & reading blogs
9 minutes Email

Total: 7 hours 47 minutes

A good day today, was very productive, got a lot done quickly and creatively (apart from this post!).

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Mike Nuttall

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