What web pages do I get as standard?

Every website needs pages! What pages do you need? Well that depends on your business, but we find that most sites need a contact form, a blog and, slightly less frequently, a gallery. So we provide all these as standard. You can use them if you want, or not, as the case may be, or replace them with different pages.

A contact form is an obvious requirement if you want your users to be able to contact you. Giving them the choice of a telephone number, email address and a contact form lets them get in touch with you in the way with which they are most comfortable.

Keeping a regular blog is a good idea for SEO (search engine optimisation) . The search engines like to see businesses providing useful information to their users and a blog is a good way of doing this. We provide an easy to use blogging system that allows you to create posts, add images, publish and unpublish posts and manage comments that your users will make on the articles. There is no limit to the number of posts you can make.

You'll probably want a home page and about us page too, but it's not set in stone we are flexible and can create the web pages that your business needs.