Secure High Speed Reliable Hosting

All our web properties are stored on managed servers in the UK which are monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week.

All our sites are backed up daily and kept for 30 days when the backup cycle starts again.

The backups are stored in a data centre at a location that is remote from the web servers.

All services are connected directly to the internet backbone at 1000 mega bits per second.

Linux Web Servers

The servers we use run the Linux operating system which, historically, has been a lot more secure than the equivalent Microsoft web servers. Additional measures have also been taken to make the core code, the "kernel", extra secure, or "hardened".

The hardware is provided by Dell with Dual Hex (6) Core Xeon processors with Hyper Threading and has 48GB of RAM. The servers use enterprise level load balancers to give the best service consistently. If a server fails it is automatically replaced and other servers continue to serve your web pages.

Database Servers

Databases are stored on 2x6 Core, 48GB Ram machines which connect to the application servers via a gigabit backend network allowing lightning fast data serving at all times.

Email Servers

For security email accounts are kept on a physically separate servers with huge storage capacity.

Dual Power Supply

The data centre where the servers we use are housed guarantees 100% power uptime. They do this by using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator backups. If there is a power cut, industrial batteries and power generators kick in so that there is no interruption of power and hence the web service. A 24 hour refuelling contract is in place to guarantee the generators can run indefinitely until mains power supply is restored.

All the mission critical systems are managed by an expert team.

Cloud Hosting

All new websites we build will be hosted on the cloud. This means your website won't be reliant on any one physical location, or have just one physical route to your server; there will be multiple options so if there is a catastrophe in one location it doesn't matter because another location can take over, or if one network fails another route can be found.

Security and Firewalls

All the web, database and email servers and load balancers are stored in data centres which have manned security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The buildings have perimeter fencing topped with razor wire. Only authorised personnel can enter the centre. The server rooms themselves can only be entered after Biometric scanning. The individual racks of servers are caged and locked.