Planning Ahead

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58th blog post of 100

Who will be using your website?

What functionality will it need?

Will it be better to optimize it for iPad or Mobile or Desktop?

What features will it need?

What articles on your site will attract the most attention?

How many blog posts will you be writing a month?

What are you going to blog about?

How much do you need to spend on social media?

Dont worry just remember.....

"You can't join the dots looking forward, only looking back"
- Steve Jobs

While planning is good, you can't possibly think of everything.

So don't worry, just take it one step at a time.

If you get a website with Onsitenow we can work out a monthly payment plan, and you can add features as you need them, when you realise you need them, so you can join the dots looking back.

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Mike Nuttall

Author: Mike Nuttall

Mike has been web designing, programming and building web applications in Leeds for many years. He founded Onsitenow in 2009 and has been helping clients turn business ideas into on-line reality ever since. Mike can be followed on Twitter and has a profile on Google+.