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Planting The Seeds Of An Idea

You really can create a whole blog post from just writing down one sentence of an idea. At first the sentence might appear quite unpromising but as you try and elaborate and flesh it out, you find that it expands like a dividing cell, or a blossoming flower.

Or, when you get sick of trying to write a substantial blog every day, you can just paste that one sentence in and be satisfied with that!

Done is the new perfect.

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Blogging Is Where Technology Meets Marketing

Blogging is where technology meets marketing.

So you'd better get blogging.

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Consumer vs Producer

The one real benefit of having done the 100 blog posts in 100 days challenge is having changed my mindset of being a consumer to one of being a producer (even if it is now of blogs only consisting of a sentence or two)

Being a producer has much more chance of leading to success.

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No Nonsense Web Design for Businesses in Leeds and West Yorkshire

What we do

We build fast, clean websites that follow Google's best practice guidelines and can be seen on any device.

We use the appropriate technology to achieve these goals and allow for easy updating and expanding of your website as your company grows.

Working for businesses in the Yorkshire area

We mainly work with small local businesses in the Yorkshire area. We are based in Leeds and want to work with you to help you establish your web presence.

Though we are not limited to the Yorkshire area, we are willing to take on work from anywhere in the world, even Lancashire.

Onsitenow: Web Design Leeds

Three easy steps to getting your website on-line

Step 1: Discuss

The first step is to talk about all the aspects of your website. What is its purpose? Who are the target audience? What functions do you need? Have you already got a brand and Logo?

We need to find out exactly what you require so that we can plan the strategy for building your website.

Step 2: Design

Once we have agreed what you require we will design and build your website. We build all our websites to meet Google's best practice guidlines so that your site has the best chance of doing well in the search rankings.

Step 3: Deliver

Then we deliver a site that can be viewed on any common device, desktop pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone because access to the internet is becoming easier across all these devices.

From the Office for National Statistics: "Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2012, from 24% to 51%."

As smartphone and tablet design become better and cheaper, everyone is going to have them, doesn't it make sense that your website will work on them from the outset?

All Things Web: Longer Articles About Web Design, Leeds And Technology In General

5 Online Tools & Tips To Help Your Productivity

There are lots of great free and cheap resources on the internet that can help you with your productivity. Things to help you track your time, manage bookmarks, backup your files, remember everything you need to remember etc. etc.

This article talks about some of my favourites.

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How To Set Up Dual Monitors

There's so much information out there on the internet on websites that it's hard to take it all in. Information overload!

There's one small step we can take to make our lives easier in this information rich environment. And that is to have more than one monitor on our computer.

How do you do this? It can be straight forward or it can be a little more involved. This article explains the ins and outs of getting dual monitors to work on your system.

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Gmail: 4 of My Favourite Features

Google gives away so much useful stuff that sometimes I just take it for granted. Well in this article I'm saying that I think Gmail is cool! I've used it for years and it has never let me down; the emails I receive always seem to come through really quickly and it has lots of features that I find incredibly helpful.

I have lots of different email addresses associated with the different websites I build and am involved in. I administer them all from Gmail, it's easy enough to set up this article tells you how.

I also describe three features that I like using that aren't set by default, and I tell you how to enable them.

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Geek Corner: Articles Relating To The Content Management System MODX

How To Create A Blog Using MODX In MODX Cloud

MODX is a great content management system. It gives you the creative freedom to design your site they you want it to be, without constraint.

MODX Cloud is MODX's own hosting platform that allows you to set up a MODX website with the click of a button, the servers are tuned for MODX and it offers a host of other advantages.

This post is a video tutorial of how to set up blog using MODX in MODX Cloud

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Find The Speed Of Every Page In Your Website

How fast is your MODX site? If you have a Linux box you can find out how fast all the individual pages load on your website (time to first byte) with the added bonus of regenerating the cache for each page.

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How To Count Instances Of A Particular Word In A Website

If you want to find the number of occurrences of a word in a website here's one way to do it on a Linux computer

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